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Button Down for Opportunity

Sunday, December 21st, 2014

Mark Twain said it best: “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.”

Well, that’s probably stretching it. You probably don’t go to work naked. But even so, there may be times when your workplace attire isn’t putting your best foot forward.

Executives are buzzing about inappropriate dress making some of their workers less promotable. It’s fast becoming one of the most talked about problems in companies. You don’t want to end up on that list.

Standards vary by profession, but here are some basic recommendations for what’s appropriate if you’re in a professional office.

Consider these things:

Ladies: Dressing for the nightclub (or the fitness club, for that matter) is not the same as dressing for work. At work, it’s conservative – no perfume, skirts right above the knee, clothes that are not too tight or pants dragging on the floor. And the biggest issue of all—if you want to be taken seriously, keep “the girls” under cover! Research shows that if you have “that line” showing even once, it tends to reduce the likelihood of advancement. Don’t make that career-limiting move.

I’m not saying you have to dress like Little Orphan Annie. There is a middle ground. It’s about looking like you could meet with a top prospect at the drop of a hat and be a respectable representative of the company.

Guys: You have it a little easier. Shirts in white or blue are best—no Easter egg colors or flashy ties. Grey, navy, or black jackets and pants complete a good professional look where you can’t go wrong. The biggest complaints with guys include not being pressed or not having hair your clean and well cut and face shaved. And by the way, Bigfoot – don’t forget to shave your neck.

Best tip of all: Watch to see what your manager wears, and start wearing that NOW if you want to ever want to be considered for a promotion. If in doubt, dress more conservatively and more professionally. A navy and black jacket will turn almost anything into a professional look. Invest in one of those.

You might say it’s not fair to be passed over if your performance is good. Let me just say it happens every day anyway because there’s an enormous subjective component to hiring and advancement, and how you present yourself and how you represent the company really does matter.

So get those neat, well-dressed ducks in a row to remove one more obstacle in your path to success!

How to Maintain Focus During the Summer

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

The sun is shining and it’s a perfect 75 degrees outside with no clouds in sight. It’s one of those beautiful summer days.

Only you get to experience this day through your office window…

And I know exactly how you feel, especially when the summers here in Minnesota are even more coveted because of the long winters.

You could choose to let this bring you down…not working efficiently, because deep down you really want to be somewhere else…like at the cabin or the beach. But imagine that you learn to take this tantalizing day and use it in your favor?

Chances are you have a ton of stuff that you have got to get done. So why not use this beautiful day as true motivation to being efficient! With everything complete at work, you’ll be able to enjoy the summer without worry. Then, as soon as you leave the office, it’s pure relaxation time!

Learn to commit yourself to the moment you are in. If you’re with the family, be with the family. If you’re at the office, be at the office.

Learn to give your whole self to wherever you are.

What if You HAD to Chillax?

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Imagine that your doctor told you that your life depends on cutting your work time and effort in half. But you know you can’t afford to be any less productive. How would you do it?

This isn’t some wild hypothetical. Many people find themselves in this exact situation when a commitment to success results in high blood pressure, cardiovascular stress, and other serious physical side effects of working too much of the time in too high a gear. It can cut years off your life.

But when the physician sits these folks down, looks them in the eye and says, “You’ve GOT to cut back on your work, NOW,” they almost always say the same thing: “I can’t.”

What they mean, of course, is that they can’t drop any of the balls they are juggling. And you know what? They might be right. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing they can do.

If you are in this situation yourself, the answer is to learn everything you can about productivity. There are countless books on the topic, as well as websites, DVDs, and audiobooks. Pick whichever format works for you. Learn what it means to work smarter instead of harder. Learn how to put systems in place that will multiply your effectiveness. Learn how to get rid of drains on your time and effort that aren’t adding a THING to your productivity. You will be amazed with your capacity to improve.

So why wait for doctor’s orders? Stress isn’t good for anyone. Get busy NOW learning what productivity is really about.