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Calling out a bully

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Anyone who’s been in the workplace for more than – oh, let’s say a week – has run into a workplace bully. Any person who throws his or her weight around with utter disregard for the negative emotional and mental consequences for those around them is a bully, pure and simple.

Workplace bullies are a fact of life. So is cancer. That doesn’t mean we have to take either one of them lying down.  You need to challenge the bully, but in a way that solves more problems than it creates. (more…)

NO is not a four-letter word! Responding to stressful times.

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Ask Roxanne!

Dear Roxanne,

I’m seriously losing it. Our staff has been reduced again, and I’m taking on more and more. I feel like the boss is counting on me, but I have never had so many plates spinning at once, and a crash is inevitable. What can I do?—Kristina W.

Dear Kristina,

Stop treating yourself like a machine, that’s what. Working hard is a terrific thing, but the human mind and body have limits. If you push yourself beyond those limits for too long, it becomes counterproductive. (more…)