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Thank God Its Monday! - Roxanne Emmerich

Thank God Roxanne is willing to share her special mix of motivation and proven methods to supercharge your workplace. Readers will move from Thank God It's Monday to I Wish Every Day Could Be Monday.

Harvey Mackay
author of the New York Times #1 bestseller
Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

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Thank God It's Monday!
How to Create a Workplace You and Your
Customers Love

Remember your first day of your job? Your shoes were shined and your part was razor-straight—you had every intention to set the world on fire. But at some point you discovered you were working with Dweebs…a.k.a. humans with ISSUES. Whiners, complainers, gossips and excuse-crafters were suddenly everywhere. Everyone was shooting wildly for mediocrity—and hitting the bull’s-eye.

And then it happened to you. You resigned to working in what looks like an adult day care and accepting a mediocre vision of what’s possible for you and your organization.

Or you maybe you’re a leader who has tried everything you know, but the business still isn’t growing, profits are harder and harder to come by…and it just isn’t much fun anymore. In fact, you are losing your passion to be extraordinary.

Whether you're on the front line, or you run the place, you'll discover how to:

  • Replace a “Why we can’t” with a “Why we CAN” attitude
  • Bust the “baditudes” and stop the energy vampires from sucking your energy
  • Replace dysfunctional behaviors with a fire in the belly to get massive results
  • Breathe results-generating life back into your life and your organization
  • Think big and make big things happen!

Buy this book for you, your boss, and every person in your workplace—especially those who have lost their passion to be extraordinary.

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You can take a company that is really dysfunctional and bring them a long way, or you can take a company that you feel is already fairly successful and take it absolutely to the next level. That's what I'm doing with my organization with Thank God It's Monday!

— Ivan Misner
Founder of BNI International

TGIM, Thank God It's Monday! is a mantra all organizations should chant. This book helps you not only see the joy that work can bring but it gives you ways to bring it to life. Buy this book ONLY if you truly want to transform your organization.

— John Christensen
Creator of the FISH! Philosophy and Co-Author of FISH!

Simple and profound,Thank God It's Monday charges into the future, where employee fulfillment and customer service work hand-in-hand to create bottom-line results. Roxanne Emmerich has it right: Work can - and should be - fun. Be the force for creating trust and watch your company culture change.

— Stephen M. R. Covey
author of The Speed of Trust

I love this book! Roxanne Emmerich’s ability to transform organizations is nothing short of miraculous. She’s the real deal. Every employer should have this book for every employee AND any person who wants to be happy and work needs to buy it for themselves.

Jack Canfield
author of The Success Principles
 Originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series

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