Chat With the Experts™ Teleseminar featuring Jack Canfield

"The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 — 12pm to 1pm CDT

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Jack Canfield–Author of The Success PrinciplesJack Canfield is the founder and co-creator of the billion-dollar brand Chicken Soup for the Soul®. As an internationally recognized leader in personal development and peak performance strategies, Jack has spent the last 35 years teaching millions of people how to up-level everything they do. His bestselling book, The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be contains dozens of the most powerful secrets to success used by top achievers from all walks of life.

In this engaging teleseminar, you will discover:

  • How to get from where you are to where you want to be.
  • The biggest difference between people who are successful and those who aren’t.
  • How to change the outcome of any event, simply by changing your response to it.
  • Why you should drop out of the "Ain’t It Awful" Club and instead surround yourself
    with successful, positive and nurturing people.
  • How to complete past projects, heal past relationships and process old hurts,
    so you can embrace the future.
  • How to ask for and get everything you want... from people who can give it to you.
  • How to deal with fear and uncertainty.
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