Are you exhausted by employees who suck the life out
of your company and run your customers off?

Are you ready to drive a stake through the "energy vampire" mentality of whining, gossip and excuses that
has made your organization feel more like an adult day
care than a thriving business?

Are you ready to improve your bottom line by recapturing the 1 out of 3 payroll dollars Gallup Management says you lose in productivity IF you're average?

Well wait no more.

New York Times bestselling author, Speaker Hall of Fame Inductee and three-time Entrepreneur of the Year Roxanne Emmerich®, has the "secret handshake" that will
turn around your business results... pronto!

One client who had never grown more than 2 percent per year over the previous 10 years grew 35 percent annualized within 30 days of this process. Hundreds doubled their customer service scores within a month! Almost all called it a "miracle."

Find out why Sales Management magazine listed Roxanne Emmerich® as one of the
12 most requested speakers in the country for her ability to turn around businesses and their people.

Lead the Transformation®
Sept. 16-17, 2014
in Chicago, IL

In this two day session, you will:

  • Learn a step-by-step system that gets your people focused on achieving the results you want—and spending every minute of their day on activity that matters (instead of chasing their tails on low-impact work).
  • Understand how to build ongoing systems of accountability and improvement that make it clear to everyone your culture transformation isn’t just another “this too shall pass” initiative.
  • Discover how to get your team creating real results REGARDLESS of the economy. No kidding.
  • Understand how to align the entire team to meet those Five Critical Drivers that allow more success with less effort.
  • Discover how to get everyone aboard the “happy bus”—and proactively working on tangible goals—while eliminating the energy vampires that can reduce productivity and poison an entire branch.
  • Recover your sanity and joy for banking.
  • Reclaim your life by eliminating the anger and frustration that results from trying to manage the unmanageable.
This is the most important two days you will spend this year. Change your flights! Cancel your vacation!
Do NOT miss this session!
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regarding registration for this event.

See what top executives are saying...

"We are so excited about the progress we've made while with The Emmerich Group®... Roxanne has given us a roadmap to take our bank to the next level... Lead the Transformation® is a great refresher and reinforcement of things we're learning."

– G. Martin, President and CEO
American National Bank

"Roxanne has given us great tools to take back and work with our people, refine our processes, and become an extraordinary bank... I have nothing but positive things to say."

Charlie O'Brien, President and CEO
South Adams Savings Bank

"Exceptional, useful tools were provided to solve common workplace problems."

– D. Thibault, EVP
Landmark National Bank

"... highly motivating, invigorating, exciting and action packed. Come prepared for great breakthroughs!!"

– N. Shaw, Branch Manager
South Adams

"Fabulous information! Could be twice as long, and I think I’d still want more! So many ideas and systems I can’t wait to use!"

– L. Martin, Team Leader Coach

"I learned valuable tools to help me become a better manager of both my time and employees."

– T. Moms, Commercial Banker
Legence Bank

"Lead The Transformation® provides great processes for articulation, expectations, and monitoring progress in a very time-efficient way."

– C. Leinbach, Consulting Partner

"Valuable insights that I know can help transform our bank."

– D. Marshall, CFO
South Adams Savings Bank