Are you ready to discover your impact and what it really could be?

Be prepared to challenge everything you thought you knew to be true about how to lead high-impact results. Discover proven concepts to lead with power instead of force and create dramatic breakthroughs in your people and your organization.

During times like these, we often forget who we really are and how powerful we can be when we lead from our center.

NOW is the time to focus, tap into the transformative powers that brought you achievements in the past, and commit to success far beyond what you've achieved so far.

This two day event is for executives, leaders, and those identified to be potential executives.

Permission to Be Extraordinary Summit™—Leadership Development

Permission to Be Extraordinary® Summit™—
Leadership Development
Date: May 15-16
Location: Minneapolis, MN

This high-impact event will:

  • Radically rewire your mind about your possibilities and your ability to transform others and lead.
  • Raise your consciousness and tap into your power to lead extraordinary change, far beyond the applauded successes you’ve already created.
  • Help you discover how to redefine success to its highest level possible.
  • Show you how to get "unstuck" from your current limiting beliefs.

Here's what attendees had to say...

An amazing and life changing experience. It definitely took me out of my comfort zone—and I’m ok with that!

Tammy Oberle, VP

Permission to Be Extraordinary® is an opportunity for you to expand your horizons—push the envelope and land in a brand new place.

Pat Monaco, CEO

The people I met and the exercises we completed together were fantastic. I feel a real sense of team. I was rewired.

Steve Hamlin, SVP and Sr. Trust Inc. Officer

This was an amazing class that left me transformed and more confident about my abilities.

Lynn Byrd, CFO

Permission to Be Extraordinary® was a life changing experience. The commitments I’ve made coming out of this program will be an incredible benefit to my relationships with my friends, family, and coworkers.

Linda Dagilus, AVP Business Development

An outstanding experience! If you have a goal of creating a 5-star organization and/or personal growth, you should attend.

Brett Mayberry, VP of Retail

It was so much more than I expected! It makes me want to live outside at all times.

Lisa Boller, SVP Controller

Don't wait another minute! Permission to Be Extraordinary® Summit™ is just the program to take you to the next level!

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with questions regarding registration for this event.


Permission To Be Extraordinary Summit™—Leadership Development

See what top executives are saying...

"An excellent inside look at yourself!"

– Lana Palmer, AVP/Deposit Sales Administrator

"You just HAVE to come. I got my passion back and enthusiasm for my life and the effect I will have on people!"

– Denise Coyne, EVP

"It was a life changing two days"

– Keven Beckemeyer, President/CEO

"Awesome experience, really made me think about what I do and how I do it, communicating"

– Debbie Sylvester, SVP

"This has been the most effective workshop I have attended. The opportunity to achieve great things lies within each of us, this will help you take the blinders off and rekindle your passion for living life to the fullest."

– Bill Vasaly, EVP/CCO

"Empowering, inspiring, awesome! So thrilled that I could attend!"

–Tammy Parker, VP Bus Deo Group Manager

"PTBE is truly a transformational program if you choose to embrace the program. The choice is yours."

–Evelynn Bekker, VP/Relationship Manager

"The best seminar I’ve ever been to. Life changing! Inspirational."

–Joan Cramer, VP of Marketing

"This program is life changing. I left after two days with plans for change."

–Nancy Spalding, Manager/Sales Training

"This was a great experience. Total support and team building."

–Pam Halperlin, SVR Reg Ops Manager

"The principles taught in this program will change your life."

–Alan Hoskins, Executive Vice President

"Great event! Learned a lot about myself: goals, roadblocks, desires, strengths."

–Cindy Swope, Director of HR

"You won’t know what happened to you, but a change within you in an amazing way will be the result."

–Lynnann Salisbury, VP of Marketing