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Roxanne Emmerich is one of today’s most in-demand transformation agents who can turn negative workplaces into “bring it on” result-oriented environments.

As President and CEO of the Emmerich Group, Inc., Roxanne consults top performers amongst financial institutions, and leaders from hundreds of other industries. Her renowned Thank God It’s Monday™ method is a proven winner for companies looking to bust bad attitudes, kick-start sagging sales figures, and create companies that employees love to work FOR and customers love to work WITH.

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  • "How to slay the "Energy Vampires" at work—Go to battle with excuse makers, gossips, whiners, and passive aggressives who suck
    your energy dry and make you want to quit!"
  • "Fun and Pinstripes: How a group of banks are having RECORD quarters and a record year while the industry as a whole is having
    the worst results since the Great Depression—and how YOU can grow and prosper during a recession by making work fun again"
  • "After layoffs, what does the world look like for those left behind?—What do you do with twice the workload and half the friends?"
  • "After the layoffs, how can YOU be the one who gets hired?"
  • "In the midst of this recession, only the fun survive—Discover why fun is a bottom line issue and you CAN’T afford to be a bore"
  • "How to get that first-day, "Bring it ON!!!" feeling back again...and help your teammates get it back too!"

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