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What do I need to “step into?”

Monday, August 26th, 2019

What if you asked yourself today, “What do I need to step into?” Well, what does that mean? Step into means you’re probably doing some things the way you’ve always done them before and that’s okay – except it’s going to get you what you’ve always got. So if you want to have a different result, you’re going to need to step into something different. Choose to do things differently than you’ve done them in the past. But that doesn’t happen until you ask yourself the question every day, “What do I need to step into today?”

Get Rid of Stress by Choosing Joy

Monday, June 10th, 2019

According to the American Psychological Association, 62 percent of Americans say that work significantly increases their stress. Imagine that—almost two out of three working Americans spend a third of their lives in an environment they consider stressful!

This is crazy! Life’s too short to live like that! So change things!

Now I’m not suggesting that you quit your job and go relax on the beach for the rest of your life. You’ll get a whole new kind of stress when the money runs out.

Instead, keep your job and choose to live happy. Choose against stress! Stress is your interpretation of events. You can be relaxed or crazed as you choose.

So you get a task that seems impossible. Why stress? It’s an opportunity to step up and knock it out of the park!

You have 20 phone calls to make in 30 minutes…why not do it with joy? It’s time to blow them away. How accomplished will you feel after the fact?

Attitude is a choice. Stress is a choice. Choose to live happily.

Conquer your fear and lethargy

Monday, April 29th, 2019

There are basically two things that are getting in the way of your next level of success, lethargy and fear. Lethargy is just, “Mmm . . . can we sit on the sofa and watch television tonight?” There’s always something that keeps us from the discipline of doing what we know we need to do to elevate to the next level.

The other one is fear. That little common voice that comes across to all of us that says, “You’re not enough. You’re not enough. There must be somebody smarter. There must be somebody better.” But the reality is, everything great was created by a mere mortal. Someone who didn’t have any more intelligence, didn’t have anything else that others didn’t have. They just conquered their fear and their lethargy.

Productive Meetings

Monday, March 18th, 2019



If you ever really want to waste time at work, go to a meeting. A meeting that’s unstructured, that doesn’t have an actual agenda where you know exactly what the outcomes are for each section of the meeting, what time it starts, when it ends, who is responsible, and what you’re truly trying to accomplish, you can waste a lot of time in meetings. You see, in most meetings, there’s topics listed. While topic is lovely, but it doesn’t instruct people about what are we really doing about that topic?

For example, if the topic says Holiday Party, no one knows what you’re really doing. If instead you say define the budget, the theme and choose the date, and assign the team members who will be in charge of the holiday party, now everyone knows the outcomes of the meeting, and by doing that, everyone gets the outcomes so much faster. So make sure that you create actionable agendas, not agendas, and if there’s isn’t an agenda, don’t go to the meeting.

Healthy Dissidence

Monday, March 11th, 2019



When you’re in a meeting, it is your ethical obligation to challenge the ideas in productive ways, offer alternative information, suggest that you have some additional ideas, and to truly listen to what others have to say. And then whatever decision is made, support the idea. It is extremely dysfunctional and unhealthy for the organization for you instead to walk out and disagree about what happened in the meeting to others who weren’t in the meeting. That’s called a meeting outside of the meeting, and that’s passive-aggressive behavior. So when you are in the meeting, it’s your job to be heard and to hear.

Jim Collins did research on the 3,000 best decisions ever made in business. What he found is that in every case, there was dissension at the time of the decision. In other words, there was not uniform buy-in. The job is to challenge the ideas, but once the decision is made, is to line up and support that idea. Even if it’s a bad decision, make a bad decision good. So no meetings outside of meetings. Instead, bring your ideas in that meeting and be productive for your team members.