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How to Love Your Job

Monday, December 30th, 2019

It is a national phenomenon that people are talking about on social media all the time: people don’t like their jobs. If you look at the national statistics, it’s atrocious! Between 80% and 90% of people, depending on the study, will say they don’t like their jobs.

Well here’s the bad news: If you don’t like this job, you’re probably not going to like the next one, or the one after that, or the one after that. Because it’s not about the having perfect conditions—conditions are never perfect. You’ll never have the perfect manager, the perfect co-workers, or the perfect job. Instead, engagement comes from within.

When you decide to love your job, when you decide to be selfless, when you decide to go all in—it’s a decision that causes you to love your job.

Don’t believe it? Try it for a week. See how you feel.

I promise you, if you go all in—become selfless, decide to make an impact on those around you, and decide not to complain about what is but instead create what could be—at the end of the week, you will be saying these words: “I love my job.” Try it and have fun with it.

Be “at Cause”

Monday, November 25th, 2019

John Lavelle said: “Ecstasy is a full deep involvement in life.”

What does that mean? Basically, what he’s saying is be “at cause.” Be the person who sees what needs to get done and then step in and make it happen.

Look at the person who supervises you. I bet they could use some help making things happen. Look at your customers. I bet they have other needs that aren’t being met. Look around everywhere around you. I bet you have coworkers who could really benefit by what you have to offer.

Be at cause so that you can experience the full deep involvement in life. You’re the one who steps in and makes great things happen.

To Activate Others, Bring the Energy!

Monday, October 21st, 2019

To activate others to be enthusiastic, you must first become enthusiastic yourself.

We have an energy that transfers to others around us. You know a person who walks into the workplace exhausted—they pull the energy out of everyone around them. You’ve had your energy pulled from that person. Perhaps you’ve even been that person.

Alternatively, if you choose to come into the office with an enthusiastic mindset and belief system and you choose energy—even though you’re exhausted, even though you’ve been working hard—that, too, is contagious.

Are you the kind of person whom others want around to catch the energy that you have? Ask yourself that every day and decide to bring the energy to the game.

Progress as Promised!

Monday, May 13th, 2019

Researchers are learning more all the time about the importance of feeling progress toward our workplace goals. It’s called the Progress Principle, and it’s fast becoming a big part of the conversation about employee engagement. In fact, the Harvard Business Reviews research shows it is the most important motivator.

Multiple studies have shown that a feeling of progress in our work is at or near the top in motivation—way ahead of traditional incentives like raises and bonuses.

But not everyone is paying attention. In a survey that asked managers to rank five employee motivators, the feeling of progress came in dead last.

Let your competition pour money into more expensive motivators. A feeling of progress costs little or nothing. Break large projects into smaller benchmarks, and celebrate each step as it’s achieved. It’s as simple as that.

It’s yet another opportunity for those who are paying attention to pull ahead of the pack.

Do you feel underappreciated?

Monday, May 29th, 2017


Do you feel underappreciated? You see, we give what we want and so if you’re feeling underappreciated, I’ve got a challenge for you. What if, from now on, you began to appreciate? What if you said to your team members, “I really appreciate how you always do everything on time. I always appreciate how you always hit your numbers. I really appreciate how you always bring a positive, can-do attitude to everything that you do.”? That’d be a cool thing to do, right?

And what if you appreciated your boss? You see, bosses don’t have their carpeting worn out by people who are walking in to appreciate them. And yet, when you create a positive influence on your boss and let them know that you appreciate the kind things they do, the guidance you give, the hard conversations they have with you because they’re coming from a place of love, know that they’ll appreciate you a whole lot more because they’ll feel like you’re into the relationship.

So how can you build your relationships by bringing more appreciation to all your teammates, to your supervisor and in your personal life as well? It’s going to be fun trying, isn’t it?