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Never listen to negative comments


Have you heard the story about the visiting professor who when he came in to do his guest lecture—half the people who were in the room walked in through one door and received a little flyer that said, “Great guy, brilliant. You’re going to love today.”? The other half of the room walked in a different door, received a different form that said, “He’s brilliant, but he’s a bit of a jerk.” Guess what the research showed when they walked back out the door?
When surveyed, the people who were told that he’s brilliant and wonderful and kind said exactly that. Those who were told that he was evil incarnate said exactly that. That is why you should never listen to someone say something negative about another person. What if they were saying that about you? I want that to settle in. What if they said that about you? How would that feel? How safe do you feel in the work place?

So here’s the commitment that you need to make. If anyone starts to say something negative to one another, you’re already sucked in and you have an ethical responsibility at that moment, not to say, “You need to go talk to so and so” because they won’t—you need to say, “There’s always two opinions about that. Let’s go find out what Jimmy has to say about that and find out exactly what his opinion is.” Let’s come from an ethical place that respects other human beings and let them be free to be safe in the workplace. Can you sign up for that? Because if you don’t, I guarantee you if you’re saying hurtful things about others, they’re going to say hurtful things about you. Let’s keep it clean and build a workplace where you love to be.

Show You Care


Imagine walking in and having everybody in your workplace say, “Huh, look who just walked in, love on wheels.” Well, it’s unlikely but what if you had the essence of someone who showed you cared every day because that’s really what love is—it’s showing you care. Not just caring, showing you care because if you really care, you’re going to care about the outcomes of your team members, the deadlines being hit, the quality of what goes out to your customers, delivery dates. Everything would be something you care about, the success of your teammates.

What if you made a decision before you walked in every day to be love on wheels? How would that change who you are and what you do?

I have a challenge for you. For the next week, everyday walk in thinking, “How will I be love on wheels today?” and see how showing that you care shows up in catapulting your results and noticing what an impact you’re making on the world because that’s what it’s all about.

How to become a superstar performer


What if, tomorrow, you became a superstar performer? Well, I’m going to guarantee you one thing. You would not have much rework. You would get it done right the first time, every time. Now to do that, guess what? You need to make sure you understand the conditions of satisfaction for every project and every responsibility. There’s a common way of doing this where people say, “Well, I didn’t know how to do it and I was waiting for the boss to tell me.” Guess what? Don’t wait for the boss. They don’t read your mind very well. You need to let your boss know that you’re confused about something and get the conditions of satisfaction. They don’t want you wasting their time because here’s what happens.

If you don’t get it right the first time, guess who’s going to end up redoing the work? That’s you. The mantra might be that they might say to you is, “If I’m doing your job, I’m not so sure why you’re here.” So you want to make sure that you get those conditions of satisfaction every time and be the person who pleasantly asks for those in a way that says, “Help me understand how to do this. I need a little more information about that. I think it’s this and this and this. Do I have that correct?” Make sure you ask all the questions as close to hello as possible whenever you’re assigned the project, because by getting it right the first time, you will create effective results very quickly. Once we know what to do, now we can get it done fast.

How to play the game


How do you play the game?
What if today you, YOU, were a 100% responsible for all the outcomes of the business? You’d have to play the game a little bit differently. You couldn’t say, “Accounting didn’t give me what I needed” or “Sales didn’t make that happen.” You’d have to instead call up accounting and say, “Hey, I need this. How can we do this differently?” Or to sales, “I have an idea about how to better hit the number.” Wouldn’t that be an interesting way to live? By coming with love in your heart and a commitment for outstanding results for your entire team, I promise you, you will be well received and people will really love the fact that you’re playing that game. What if everyone played that game? Wouldn’t that be a great place to work? You see, the number one thing that makes a work place great is the feeling of progress. What if you were the one? I mean you, not that person next to you. What if you were the one? Play the game today as if, see what happens. Can’t wait to hear tomorrow how it went.

Have you taken care of your team?


What if, tomorrow, you got hit by a truck? No, I really hope that doesn’t happen to you. That’d be bad. But my question for you is, have you taken care of your team? You see, if you were gone tomorrow, could someone step in, see your daily checklist, your weekly checklist, your monthly checklist, your quarterly checklist, and see for each item on the checklist where exactly your procedure is? Is it right there on your desk, available for someone else to be able to replicate the results you get without going, “Gosh, they left us in a mess?”

You see, it’s your job to make sure that you always have the ability for someone else to step in, because you don’t have a job, you have responsibilities. If you’re on vacation or you catch the flu and you’re out for the day, well guess what? The party goes on. And your team needs that to be handled. So we all have lots of hats. Take one hat at a time and write it up. What’s your daily? What’s your weekly? What’s your quarterly checklist? And for each checklist item, what is it that are the procedures within it, and how do you define exactly where to look? Make it a connect-the-dot experience so that anybody can walk in and successfully do that job.

Don’t be that kind of person that says, “Then they wouldn’t need me.” I’ll guarantee you this. They don’t need you now if you think that way, because you’re thinking in scarcity. Think of abundance. By writing this up, you can advance yourself and be promotable. Be that kind of person who brings extreme value by making sure your team is taken care of. I promise you, you have a very, very bright future.