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Normalize the Impossible

People said it was impossible…

but on May 6th, 1954, Roger Bannister proved the world wrong, breaking the elusive 4-minute mile and establishing a new world record that had stood for 9 years!

Even more interesting that the achievement was the world’s reaction. What had been thought impossible, was suddenly just the starting point for even greater achievement.

Less than two months later, John Landy also broke the four-minute mile, besting Bannister by a full two seconds. And within three years, a total of 16 runners had joined the club.

Had the human body changed? hmmm…no I don’t think so. Had the track shrunk in size? Nope. A mile was still a mile.

So what changed? Runners believed it was possible. A limiting belief, a psychological barrier had held others back for years. But one after another, runners began to believe.

The world record currently stands at 3 minutes, 43 seconds. Fancy that.

What barriers have you constructed in your life? What have you deemed as impossible? Imagine infinite possibility. Disallow those psychological barriers and normalize the impossible.

How can you break the four-minute mile in your life?

Build Community

With family, something is unique. You hurt when they hurt, you laugh when they laugh, you feel what they feel.

But elsewhere, it’s hard to find that same level of genuine support.

For example…

Your son’s hockey team wins the championship and the game point goes to the team captain who scores in the last 10 seconds. It’s great they won, but you and your boy both wish that time you could reverse time and he could score the game-winning goal.

Tim, your buddy in the cubicle down the hall, pretty much just won the lottery with a big deal he closed. And you’re thinking…you’re mature enough to congratulate him, but dang, you begin to think that he doesn’t deserve this kind of luck. YOU deserve this kind of luck! Right?

We’ve all been there. And it isn’t good. More than anything, this ME, ME, ME mentality gets in the way of establishing a sense of community, a sense of family, in the workplace.

Imagine just for a second what things would look like if everyone had each other’s best interests at heart.

When Jim closes the deal, you’re so excited for him that it may as well have been you.

When Mary gets sick, she’s on your mind.

When Sally gets promoted, you’re thrilled.

When Tom struggles with his project, you assist him as if it were your own. When the business thrives, YOU feel fantastic!

A sense of family and community at work—now wouldn’t that be something? So why not make it that way?

BE the source of the miracle!

Get Rid of Stress by Choosing Joy

According to the American Psychological Association, 62 percent of Americans say that work significantly increases their stress. Imagine that—almost two out of three working Americans spend a third of their lives in an environment they consider stressful!

This is crazy! Life’s too short to live like that! So change things!

Now I’m not suggesting that you quit your job and go relax on the beach for the rest of your life. You’ll get a whole new kind of stress when the money runs out.

Instead, keep your job and choose to live happy. Choose against stress! Stress is your interpretation of events. You can be relaxed or crazed as you choose.

So you get a task that seems impossible. Why stress? It’s an opportunity to step up and knock it out of the park!

You have 20 phone calls to make in 30 minutes…why not do it with joy? It’s time to blow them away. How accomplished will you feel after the fact?

Attitude is a choice. Stress is a choice. Choose to live happily.

If you had half the resources and a quarter of the time…

Ask yourself this: If you had half the resources and a quarter of the time to do your job, how would you do it differently?

I know what you’re thinking: “No way. It can’t be done! I’m barely making it as it is!” But humor me for a minute. Imagine that you have absolutely no choice but to do everything you currently do with half the resources and a quarter of the time. No choice at all.

Now…what would you do?

The first shift would be in attitude. It would HAVE to be. Once the shift in attitude is made, you are willing to do whatever it takes. Resentment doesn’t build up and defeat your energy. Suddenly the impossible becomes possible.

The second shift would be in organization. You would be forced to get very organized, very quickly, with daily, weekly, and monthly checklists.

Now imagine what would happen to your productivity if you adopted this attitude now, today, even with all the time and resources you have. Nothing would ever stand in your way again.

The Not-So-Innocent Bystander

Back in college, my closest friends and I would joke around continuously. We’d laugh and we’d laugh. But sometimes, the joking would go just a little bit too far. We’d joke about someone in a way we wouldn’t do if they were there with us.

In those moments, I’d sit back and tell myself that if I weren’t the one overstepping the invisible boundary, well then, I was innocent. I was wrong about that.

You see, I could have stepped in. I could have voiced my opinion with saying “this is not okay!”

But I didn’t.

How often do you passively watch things occur that are inconsistent with your standard of ethics? Imagine just how easy it would be to step in.

Focus on orchestrating only ‘good things around you. Diligently intervene when you see otherwise.

Standing passively by is not the same as standing innocently by.