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No Sometimes Means Not Now


I’ll never forget being on a bus in Turkey and this man was trying to sell me some scarves and he was very, very pushy. And my son at the time was ten years old he turned to the guy and he says, when my mom says no, she means no. I’ll never forget that story cause the entire bus broke into laughter. But, the reality is no doesn’t always mean no. I’m glad my son thought it at the time however. No can sometimes mean not now. It just means it wasn’t presented in the optimal way. So, whenever you receive a no, ask yourself how can you get the person enrolled in a better understanding and what did you miss on your side of the conversation that would help them better understand to get to a result that optimizes the situation. So, no doesn’t always mean no.

Take Care of Your Brain


How’s your brain doing today? No, seriously, how’s your brain doing today? You see, your brain and how it functions doesn’t just happen one way. It operates differently based on the fact that you’re taking care of it. Exercise and good positive thinking and good healthy eating habits all impact the fact that you can think more clearly when you’re at work.

The reality is when we’re eating fried foods and eating burgers, we’re changing our brain chemistry in a way that doesn’t serve our ability to focus. If you’re having a difficult time focusing, you’re probably ingesting some things you shouldn’t be and not getting the exercise that you need.

If you want success in your life, and also health in your life, you’ll need to be considering a little bit about how will you be taking care of your brain and getting your omegas, your rest, your sleep and eating the kind of food that keeps you optimizing your results because you matter. Taking care of you is probably the most important job you have.

One and Dones


Have you ever gone to your supervisor and say, “Boss I have this great idea”? Well that’s an okay thing to do but when you only have the one idea as opposed to, “Hey boss, there’s a new outcome we’re trying to create”, there’s three different possibilities here. “I’ve looked at all three and I’ve determined that the things that are most important happen to be a and b. When I compared the three of them together, narrowed it down to these two. This one has this option and this one does not have this option.

Based upon that, I’m going to recommend option b”. You see when you give options, you have the ability for someone to be able to say, “Sounds great”. When you come with a one and done as opposed here’s the one thing, the first thing they’ll do is send you back out the door to go do your research. Don’t walk in with any one and dones, be prepared with having done the critical thinking so that when you present that you can get a decision and know it’s a good decision.

Discipline or Regret


The late Jim Rohn used to say there are only two pains in life, the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. But the good news is we get to choose. I love that concept. You see in life we can have regrets of all the things we didn’t do, the health we didn’t have, the success we didn’t have. Those are all regrets. Alternatively, we have the disciplines. The disciplines of what we do to have good relationships. The disciplines that we do to have good health. The disciplines that we do to make sure that we are effective at our jobs.

So, all we have to do in life is create good disciplines and hold ourselves to them. How can you decide today to put one new discipline in place and to give yourself credit for it everyday and build it into a habit and then bring in another new discipline behind that. Because disciplines are what make successful people successful. However you define success, that’s up to you. So you have two choices for pain, discipline or regret. You choose.

Are You Your Worst Critic?


Are you your worst critic? Why I know that one. I think we all are. But, the thing about that is even though you’re criticizing yourself, it’s also important to make sure you’re celebrating your breakthroughs, as small as they may be. They’ve actually proven that if you spend 15 minutes at the end of every day and you acknowledge all the breakthroughs you’ve had for the day and the successes you have for the day, that by taking that 15 minutes that you can wildly increase your productivity for the next day and beyond, because there’s a brain chemistry thing that basically says what we pay attention to grows.

We are changing the structure of our brain to focus in on what’s working. We’re built to find all the things that aren’t working, yes? Okay, you know how that works, and so, try on the habit of celebrating yourself with all the successes you have. If it’s as small as making the list of the things to do, then checking off everyone, ’cause that feels good, or to at the end of the day, acknowledge yourself for all the great things you’ve learned and all the great conversations you’ve had and all the great outcomes.

Whatever you do, create a habitual process that allows for you to keep celebrating your small successes, because by doing that you will create much larger successes.