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Are you a giver or a taker?


Your boss asks you for a report. What if you gave the report and you put some great graphics in it and had it all finished early? That would be cool, wouldn’t it?

What if someone asks you to proof something and instead of just proofing it, you brought great value of adding additional pieces that made it even better? What if, in a customer experience when they ask for one thing, you give them that, but you plus one it? You do something so much more?

See, that’s the game. In life, we’re either a giver or a taker. A giver always creates far more results for themselves because they’re creating more results and bigger impact for their customers. The more we give, the more we receive. How can you plus one everything you do every day to not only just do what you’re asked to do, but you do at least one thing more? One where people go, “Hmm. That’s a cool human. I like hanging with them. They always make me feel good.” Be the person who always finds the one extra thing and make that impact.

Look for the good in people


Have you heard the famous quote, “We see the world not as it is, but how we are.”? Yeah. That’s a good one, isn’t it? And I’ve found it to be true.

You see, people who are constantly looking for the good things in people—guess what? They find the good things. People who are thinking that we live in a world of possibilities and that there’s huge potential to grow the business, they find the prospects. They get the additional business because they see the world that way.

Or, perhaps you know the people who see the world as hard and difficult, and filled with scarcity. It’s amazing how we live out our worldview. What if you lived in a world of possibilities? From now on, whenever you see an opportunity you go, “How could I go create a miracle in this area?” I know I can. Now it’s just, how can I?

Living from a place of abundance and possibility, and being the kind of person who is powerful to go create it is a whole different world to you, and it’s a fun place to play. Try it on. See how it works for you. I guarantee you whatever you’re doing right now, you can double your results fast, just by putting yourself in the place of asking the question, “How could I make another miracle happen?” Enjoy your miracles.

What to do when you get behind on your work


Sometimes we get behind, don’t we? I know I do. And when that happens, the best thing to do is to be authentic. I used to have a boss years ago that said, “Tell me the good news. Tell me the bad news. Don’t ever surprise me.”
So when you have deadlines, or when you have outcomes, those are your promises. Those aren’t your targets. They’re not your goals. They’re your promises. So our self-esteem comes because we meet our promises. When we get behind, we need help. That is not the time to cover it up and pretend like nothing happened.

So whenever you get behind on something, be authentic. Go to someone who can help, and always to whoever is your supervisor, and let them know where you’re at, what you’re planning to do and ask for some help about how you might enhance how you do what you do to better get that result faster.

Become a Problem Solver


Did you answer the ad that said, “Looking for a potential new employee who can find everything wrong with the company, point it out to anybody who can’t do something about it and complain incessantly about how much they don’t like being at that place.”? Yeah, I don’t think so. And yet, when you look at Galve’s research, over 87% of people think they responded to that ad because that’s how they’re playing the game, but here’s the thing-if you’re living that way, you’re living in a small fraction of your potential. There’s so much more in you when you start bringing positiveness to the game. You see, if you have a business, you got problems so you need to understand how can you bring solutions instead.

What if, from now on whenever you saw something that was wrong, you went only to someone who could fix it with a solution and said, “Here’s the situation. Here’s the information. Here’s my recommendation.”? What if you became that person that decided you were really responding to the ad that said, “Looking for someone who can move needles, hit deadlines and find things that are wrong in the organization and fix them.”? You see, that’s why jobs exist. And so don’t be confused by thinking that you responded to the first ad because I promise you a huge career breakthrough when you shift to being the person who looks for ways to help and fixes whatever it is to make everything better immediately.

Never listen to negative comments


Have you heard the story about the visiting professor who when he came in to do his guest lecture—half the people who were in the room walked in through one door and received a little flyer that said, “Great guy, brilliant. You’re going to love today.”? The other half of the room walked in a different door, received a different form that said, “He’s brilliant, but he’s a bit of a jerk.” Guess what the research showed when they walked back out the door?
When surveyed, the people who were told that he’s brilliant and wonderful and kind said exactly that. Those who were told that he was evil incarnate said exactly that. That is why you should never listen to someone say something negative about another person. What if they were saying that about you? I want that to settle in. What if they said that about you? How would that feel? How safe do you feel in the work place?

So here’s the commitment that you need to make. If anyone starts to say something negative to one another, you’re already sucked in and you have an ethical responsibility at that moment, not to say, “You need to go talk to so and so” because they won’t—you need to say, “There’s always two opinions about that. Let’s go find out what Jimmy has to say about that and find out exactly what his opinion is.” Let’s come from an ethical place that respects other human beings and let them be free to be safe in the workplace. Can you sign up for that? Because if you don’t, I guarantee you if you’re saying hurtful things about others, they’re going to say hurtful things about you. Let’s keep it clean and build a workplace where you love to be.