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Stop Picking on the Boss



It’s trendy these days to pick on the boss. If you watch any social media, you’ll hear people complaining about their supervisor or their CEO. And everyone thinks that’s okay, but the reality is that’s one side of the story. You see, if you go home to your spouse and you complain about your CEO, that spouse, if they’re truly listening, should be saying something to the fact of “what’s the other side of the story?” There’s always another side of the story.

You see, when we pick on the CEO, the CEO loses their ability to lead. When the CEO loses the ability to lead, the organization loses the ability to thrive. When the organization loses the ability to thrive, you lose the ability to be promoted, to receive raises and bonuses. You see how this works? If instead you support the CEO and appreciate the CEO and give good suggestions to the CEO and don’t play the victim game, you can allow for your organization to thrive. So just because others do what’s popular which is pick on the CEO, realize how terrible that is in terms of creating a potential for your organization and for your career.

Thanks God It’s Monday



It’s trendy to say, “Thank God it’s Friday.” Yes, we all need restorative time on Saturdays and Sundays to kind of build back our energy for a traditional work week. But what if in addition to saying, “Thank God it’s Friday,” We also said, “Thank God it’s Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday,” and then also on Friday. The point is, do you set the intention to be grateful for every day?

If you’re grateful for the fact that you get to go to work and not have to go to work, I promise you, you’ll really enjoy work a whole lot more. Language is the precursor of results. If you say to your children, “Mommy has to go to work now,” as opposed to, “Mommy gets to go to work, and then she is going to get to come home and see you at 4:30,” That’s a beautiful way to teach your young people how to be appreciative for what they have in the world.

So, decide to say, “Thank God it’s Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday,” and sure you can have Friday as well, but make sure that you set the intention to be grateful for the fact that you have a job and grateful for the fact that you get to demonstrate your commitment to the world through your work.

Appreciate Your Team Members



John Gottman is a renowned psychologist who works with married couples, and he says that by observing married couples for 15 minutes, he can predict with over 95% accuracy whether they’ll be married or not in five years. Whoa!

One of the leading indicators is how they appreciate each other. Wasn’t that fascinating? He says that just to stay married, there needs to be five great levels of connectivity to everyone, “Hey, what’s wrong with you on this one?” And he says, to have a happy marriage, that needs to be a ratio of 20 to 1.

So what do you need to do in the workplace to make sure that you create great team relationships? Are you a 5 to 1 person? Are you a 20 to 1 person? Are you the kind of person that only finds all the things that are wrong? Now, when calling it tight of team members, you do have to say what’s wrong, but do you also make a point to make sure you’re appreciating team members for not only what they do, but who they are? Appreciate others and watch them blossom around you.

And here’s the important piece. If you don’t feel appreciated, I’m going to make you a promise. You are not appreciating enough. Only those people who don’t appreciate enough are the people who truly feel underappreciated. So step up today, find ways to appreciate the people around you.

Create a Workspace You Love



We used to have an exchange student from Sweden named John and his grandfather was a painter. So one day I went into Home Depot and I saw this demonstration on this special way to paint and I came back home with a bunch of buckets of paint and I said, “Hey, we’re painting today.” Well he was very enthusiastic and we painted a wall. And I painted this lovely yellow wall and every time I walk into my house I would look at that wall and I would think, “That is a beautiful wall. I’m so happy to be by that yellow wall.”

It occurs to me that when we create things in our workspace that gives us joy, we have more joy. Now I know there are things that you can’t do in the workplace because it belongs to your team members as well, but what can you do in your workspace that creates a joyful place for you to be? Create your place that you love to be in. What gives you joy? Surround yourself in it.

Bring Your First Day of Work Passion



Remember your first day of work? Your shoes were shined. Your shirt was pressed, and you had told your Mom that you were going to set the world on fire. And then, about two weeks later, you discovered you worked with a bunch of dweebs. People who weren’t committed. People who weren’t competent. People who gossiped and whined and complained and suddenly you lowered your sights.

And then, 20, 30 years went by, and you kind of missed your chance to really have an extraordinary career. Well, what if, instead, you brought that “first day of work” passion to work every day? You see, no matter where you work, you’re going to work with people who are imperfect, and flawed, and have challenges, but you could be the person that changes them. If you set the intention to be that person, and make an impact every day by making requests with kindness in your heart, you can create that workplace you want to be in.

So, every day bring your “first day of work” passion to the office, and your last day will be as good, if not a whole lot better, than your first day.