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I’m Working on It

Friday, August 21st, 2020

Do you ever tell your team members, or even your boss, “I’m working on something”? Here’s the problem with saying “I’m working on something”. Nobody knows whether that means you’re thinking about doing something, you’re five minutes into a 40-hour project, or it’s complete.

“Working on” is a part of your vocabulary that needs to go and it needs to be replaced with telling people exactly where you’re at.

“Listen, I’ve got the beginning of a plan laid out and structured, and it has been approved by my manager. I’m about to begin the first chapter of the four chapters, and I’ll be complete with that by the end of the week.” These are very powerful ways of saying the same thing, but actually mean something. So, think about having outcome-based communication. In other words, say your words so the people who are listening to you know exactly what you mean. It’s especially important when you’re talking about what you’re accomplishing.

Did You Make Your Boss a Micromanager?

Friday, August 14th, 2020

Micromanagers are oftentimes made as opposed to just their way of being. The reason that we make a manager a micromanager is because we don’t inform them where we are on our projects. We don’t get the conditions of satisfaction that we need before we take on a project.

We don’t let them know where we’re at with each client that we’re talking to – what the result is, what kind of outcomes we’re having, the stalls that we’re having, and the challenges that we’re having.

Without information, managers, who are responsible to their managers, of course, need to have questions answered. So sometimes micromanagers are made.

Start today to inform your manager and to create great visibility of where you are with every project that you’re working on so they never have to ask another question. You’ll be happier, they’ll be happier, and all the right work will be done.

Master What Matters

Monday, July 20th, 2020

What’s the true purpose of your job? If you really understand not the busy activities but instead, the profound purpose of your job, then you can align to what matters most.

What are the top 10% activities that must be done in an extraordinary way to create 50-80% of the results that you create? Because when you figure that out and align to it, you become a master of your job.

Too many people do not question the activities of their jobs to make sure that they’re in the highest and best use of their time and that it aligns with the purpose of the job. Have a conversation with your team lead. Ask the lead what the purpose really is of the job and suggest what you think are the most important things. Get alignment and then achieve mastery by going after it with every cell in your body.

Give Yourself Permission to Prosper

Friday, July 10th, 2020

Do you give yourself permission to grow? Think about it. There are many people who have had the same job for over a decade, but their productivity really hasn’t improved much, their knowledge hasn’t improved much, and their outcomes haven’t improved much. And, as a result, they’re probably not growing in opportunities either.

Oftentimes it stems, if you really look at it, from someone who has not given themselves permission to grow. Permission to grow means you believe that you’re worth investing in yourself to learn more and to do better. Because without that permission, and sometimes it comes from childhood beliefs that you’ve created about yourself, that you’re not worthy, or I’m not good at math, or I’m not good at grammar. I’m not good at spelling, or I’m not good at living my word and hitting deadlines. When we have a story that we believe about ourselves, we live into the story until we decide to break the pattern. So I’m curious, are you the kind of person who’s going to stand up, invest in yourself and decide to be the most valuable human being that you can possibly be? I think you’re worth it. Do you?

The Kindergartener’s Guide to Building Relationships

Monday, July 6th, 2020

When I was three or four years old, my mother used to constantly say: “Roxanne, say please and thank you.” Boy, I didn’t understand how profound those words were until I became an adult and I realized the power of the words please and thank you.

They shape relationships, they make people feel good about who they are. It’s easy to forget that we get busy, and when we get busy, we start bypassing people and just instructing and forgetting to say the words please and thank you.

My commitment is to get a little bit better at it every day and someday, maybe I’ll be as good at it as my mother hoped I would be. So, every day, I set the intention of getting a little bit better about saying please and thank you. You may want to try that as well.