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Thank God it’s Monday!™ Perhaps you’re not the CEO that reports to the board with the monthly board report. But just think if you acted like you were? Really.

What makes a CEO a CEO is they are responsible for results and making sure that their board is never surprised. But why would you want to act just like a CEO? In fact it’s the fastest way to get advanced and celebrate. So, even though your boss didn’t ask for something, blow her away.

Here’s what you do. It will only take a few minutes to do a fairly decent job. At the beginning of each month, create a board report that has two parts. First, list what you accomplished last month and where you hit the mark, and where you missed the mark. Wherever you missed the mark give your massive corrective action plan to bring things back on task. Then, list what you will be accountable for next month—your priorities for results and projects. That way, if your boss disagrees, you will hear about it before it’s too late. Then, for each of these two sections list two areas—measurable results and status of projects.

The best part of the board report is it will be great for you to stay focused on the things that matter, instead of chasing around with busy work. Once you start doing one, you’ll never go back to day-to-day survival strategies. And you better be careful, it might not be that long before you are reporting to the board because very few people in the workplace think and execute to this level. You will stand out and be a superstar!

Have a great Monday!


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