Set Ground Rules for your Meetings

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Thank God it’s Monday!™ Meetings can be exhilarating or exhausting, and it really depends on how the kids play around the table. Since you know that, why not set some ground rules about how you want them to play? Think of all the things that make you crazy in meetings and start (even if you’re not the leader) by saying, “Can we spend a minute deciding the ground rules for this and all our meetings?” Then be prepared to list all the things that make you crazy and list them as ground rules. Examples could be:

Start on time!

Make sure the agenda is actionable with agreed upon time frames for each piece.

Don’t go off on tangents, don’t interrupt, state things in the positive, and use advancing language
instead of complaining.

Don’t repeat yourself or the same thought, hear opposing view points openly, make sure your comments are focused and speak of solutions, not of problems.

Then make sure there’s a code that reels people back in when they get off track. Perhaps you’ll have a visible hand sign—a nice one of course—that indicates a violation of a ground rule. This sign then means that there’s no debating, but to just bring your behaviors back on track.

So set some ground rules for your meetings and start having some great meetings that are exhilarating, fun, and productive.

Have a great Monday!


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