Blow the Whistle

* Transcription

Thank God it’s Monday!™ Ten seconds to go. The game is tied. Landon Donovan sprints down the field, cutting in and out of English defenders.

Five seconds. He puts the ball on his right foot, finds his balance, and leans forward.

Four seconds. The whole stadium goes silent. Every fan is afraid to move. Afraid to breathe.

And then, play stops! The whistle blows! Foul on the play! Where was the call?!

We all look toward the referee… but to our surprise he appears unfazed and quite confident with his call. He MUST have seen something where we weren’t looking! Caught up in the exciting moment, we failed to see the blatant foul.

So what game are you watching, and who’s blowing the whistle? Do you walk into the office and get caught up watching the ball, or are you stepping back and surveying the bigger picture—watching the entire play as it develops?

Continuously maintain an awareness of the fouls around you, whether committed by or against you. Imagine what you miss. Imagine what your eyes glaze right over. Imagine the improvements you could make if you could only see the entire field!

Take a moment to identify the places in your life where you have committed fouls. Though play has continued, it is never too late to go back, blow the whistle yourself, and make a correction.

Have a great Monday!


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