This is Your Team

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Thank God it’s Monday!™ Leadership in the workplace entails stepping up and doing the right thing, whether or not management is on board… and believe it or not, management can often be the source of the problem. They are just humans after all.

Though the situation is never welcome, it happens. And when it happens, do you keep secrets and remain silent, or do you speak up.

Your company is your team. When the chemistry isn’t right, the coach will make changes. When the players don’t understand what the coach has to say, they ask questions. If something doesn’t seem right, discuss it. If something isn’t working, change it.

You are the player. But more importantly, you are the coach. This is your team. And if you believe that the management has made a mistake, speak up, show them what you think with respect and kindness—they will be grateful for your input.

Have a great Monday!


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