Keep Your Nose Clean

Your mama taught you this one. If you want to succeed in this world, no matter what those around you are doing, keep your nose clean. After hearing hundreds of stories of why executives released their employees, it’s all pretty clear now. People lose their jobs at astronomical rates because they forget this simple advice.

This isn’t just about big drama, like embezzling from the retirement fund. It’s also crucial to stay out of the gossip game, the whining wars, and all those other dysfunctional behaviors that eat away at the foundation of a healthy culture.

Just because your boss doesn’t see you gossiping or listening to it doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel it and doesn’t hear it from others. And when she gets enough evidence to “deal with it,” you better believe she will.

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t offer constructive criticism. Just be sure to share it with grace and kindness to the person who can do actually something about it. That’s the kind of input that everyone can appreciate.

2 Responses to “Keep Your Nose Clean”

  1. Mike says:

    Like the new format

  2. Tina says:

    I LOVED this article!! We have a gossiper, but her manager will not do anything to fix the probalem. I recently sat her down and politely explained that I no longer wish to be gossiped about and that I will no longer listen to her gossip about others. I told her that I am more than happy to sit and chat with her so long as it is not about someone else. Funny thing is, we hardly talk anymore. I realized that this is because she only came to my office to gossip. Thank goodness those days are over for me. I feel so releived that I can do my job without getting involved in the drama. The sense of freedom I have is amazing.

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