Normalize the Impossible

Many had deemed it impossible. But on May 6th, 1954, Roger Bannister proved the world wrong, breaking the elusive four-minute mile and establishing a new world record that had stood for nine years!

Even more interesting than the achievement was the world’s reaction. What had been thought impossible was suddenly just a starting point for even greater achievements. In less than two months, John Landy also broke the four-minute mile, besting Bannister by a full two seconds. Within three years, a total of 16 runners had joined the club.

Had the human body changed? Nope. Had the track shrunk in size? Nope. You see…a mile was still a mile.

So what changed? Runners believed it was possible! A limiting belief—a psychological barrier—had held others back for years. But one after another, runners began to believe.

The world record currently stands at three minutes, 43 seconds. Fancy that.

What barriers have you constructed in your life? What have you deemed impossible? Imagine infinite possibility. Disallow psychological barriers. Normalize the impossible.

How can you break the four-minute mile in YOUR life?

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