Enchant the Boss

Business guru Guy Kawasaki talks about the vital importance of “enchanting” customers. Enchantment is the process of delighting customers with a product, service, or organization. When you enchant a customer, you get long-lasting allegiance and deep-rooted success.

But it can’t begin and end there, and it too often does. Some people get so caught up in the day-to-day challenge of enchanting with products and services that they forget about the organization itself, and all those drivers that make things happen behind the scenes.

Kawasaki teaches that the other constituent that you need to “enchant” is your boss. Now, that may sound a little self-serving for the boss. So let’s dissect.

If your boss is a “rainmaker”—someone who is bringing in or taking care of customers, then he is YOUR customer. So, in order for your boss to create a great result for his customer, then you have to delight your customer—your boss.

Also, your boss has many requirements of things to be done and, if a good time manager, when working on something, probably needs to finish it quickly so he can move on to the next thing.

So if your boss asks for something, the request means now. Drop everything and make that happen. That’s part of the enchantment formula—keep the rainmaker moving. So every day, even as you enchant customers directly, think about how you can help your boss keep things moving along behind the scenes.

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