Stay Grateful

Some companies that have been especially generous with their employees in the past are running into a sad irony: when they cut back to more normal levels in challenging times, they sometimes get a backlash from employees.

Once you’re used to the Rolls Royce, even a nice Corvette can feel like slumming.

I recently heard about one company that reduced the lavish spreads of hors d’oeuvres it offered at promotion celebrations to finger sandwiches—and many of the workers went ballistic. They had come to see abundance as an entitlement instead of a generous privilege.

This is where the employees who recognize the generosity of the employer should speak up. Point out that many companies offer much less for such events, or even nothing at all, and that a small reduction can save funds for the very promotions your company is celebrating!

A gentle nudge from a colleague can help others recognize generosity when they see it. And it’s a great kindness for a good boss.

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