What to do when you get behind on your work


Sometimes we get behind, don’t we? I know I do. And when that happens, the best thing to do is to be authentic. I used to have a boss years ago that said, “Tell me the good news. Tell me the bad news. Don’t ever surprise me.”
So when you have deadlines, or when you have outcomes, those are your promises. Those aren’t your targets. They’re not your goals. They’re your promises. So our self-esteem comes because we meet our promises. When we get behind, we need help. That is not the time to cover it up and pretend like nothing happened.

So whenever you get behind on something, be authentic. Go to someone who can help, and always to whoever is your supervisor, and let them know where you’re at, what you’re planning to do and ask for some help about how you might enhance how you do what you do to better get that result faster.

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