Do you feel underappreciated?


Do you feel underappreciated? You see, we give what we want and so if you’re feeling underappreciated, I’ve got a challenge for you. What if, from now on, you began to appreciate? What if you said to your team members, “I really appreciate how you always do everything on time. I always appreciate how you always hit your numbers. I really appreciate how you always bring a positive, can-do attitude to everything that you do.”? That’d be a cool thing to do, right?

And what if you appreciated your boss? You see, bosses don’t have their carpeting worn out by people who are walking in to appreciate them. And yet, when you create a positive influence on your boss and let them know that you appreciate the kind things they do, the guidance you give, the hard conversations they have with you because they’re coming from a place of love, know that they’ll appreciate you a whole lot more because they’ll feel like you’re into the relationship.

So how can you build your relationships by bringing more appreciation to all your teammates, to your supervisor and in your personal life as well? It’s going to be fun trying, isn’t it?

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