What to do when you blow it



Oh my goodness, you blew it! Has that ever happened? Happens to me all the time. Here’s the thing to do. We all are going to blow up, but it’s how we handle it when we make a mistake.

When a mistake happens and you blow it and you blame, that’s not a good thing for building your career. It’s also deteriorating to the relationships that you have. Alternatively, when you blow it, here are the words that come out of your mouth: “I blew it and here’s my massive corrective action plan to get back on track.”

No one wants to hear that the dog ate your homework. That is not a good plan for building relationship. They do want to hear, “I blew it guys. This isn’t okay. Here’s what I’m doing about this.” When you speak those kind of words, they see you as being a leader and someone that can be trusted. But the best part is how you feel about you.

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