Your Vulnerability is Your Power


Sometimes I feel like people are walking around with a face on a stick. They have a façade and when they pull that away, there’s the real person underneath that.

Your vulnerability is your power. Being real is your power. Being authentic about where you have fears or where you have concerns, that’s your power.

When you come as the real person that you are, as opposed to putting your face on a stick, you allow for authentic communication pattern to happen within your workplace. And it’s okay.

When you’re real, people will be there wanting to help you through that and so, just be real. Enjoy the fact that the face on the stick can go away now, it’s no longer necessary, you get to be you.

One Response to “Your Vulnerability is Your Power”

  1. Dorothea Dahlen says:

    I so agree. nobody likes a fake. part of being human is not being perfect. be yourself and the same person to everyone. it will build trust and make people more comfortable with you and let them be themselves around you!

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