Know How to Tie Into Profit



“Every generation needs and new revolution,” was Thomas Jefferson’s conclusion toward the end of his life. He was talking about what he believed was an “everybody’s entitlement” which put an ever increasing burden on those who produce.

Well, revolutions are in fact a bit messing and aren’t really the best remedy but the reality is that in organizations, when there are those who are entitled, they consume the salary dollars, bonus pay potential and rob the very souls who those who are all in.

Be that person who steps up to add value by first taking ownership to know what metrics should be hit and what is expected…and then being authentic in your regular reporting to those metrics so you can get coaching if you fall behind and become that “increasing burden on those who produce.”

2 Responses to “Know How to Tie Into Profit”

  1. Debra says:

    While reading this, I wondered “Who proof-read this?” Found several spelling mistakes.
    Just calling it tight!!

  2. H says:

    I’ve noticed the errors have continued in every post past this one (and were in posts before this). It does make it difficult to read when you lose the “flow” because of a sudden mental stumble over words that don’t make sense.

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