Value Learning Over Money


After graduating at the age of 21 from a university in Zurich in 1900, the Albert Einstein found his job prospects to be meager. He graduated toward the bottom of the class. He as happy that he now would have time to investigate certain physics problems that had haunted him. He had the chance to take a job with his father as an engineer. He was also offered a job in the Swiss Patent office in Bern for low pay with long hours. It was everything he wanted because it gave him the chance to analyze patents which would allow him to sharpen his reasoning powers. In 1905 he published his first theory of relativity.

Take every chance you get to develop your learning and your reasoning skills. It is through out development that we invest in potential. Never miss a chance to pick up a book, take a course, or learn a new skill. And while you’re at it, make sure you understand as much as you can about your company, your products. Find ways to make it better.

Most people wait for someone to give them an “opportunity” to learn—instead, seize the opportunity by finding every possible way to learn to create mastery.

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