Live Your Word




Do you live your commitments? We all like to think that we’re honest and credible, and yet, there is no way that you can 100 percent of the time be in 100 percent integrity. But the game is to get as close to that as possible.

There’s lots of ways that we break our word (i.e. not being to work on time, not hitting a deadline, not handing a report in on time, not hitting an outcome, etc.) Each of those is a promise. Your critical drivers are a promise. Your deadlines are a promise. Your commitments to your supervisor are a promise.

Every time you break a promise, your self esteem goes down. Every time your self esteem goes down, your more likely to not live your promises.

So, be the kind of person who sets the intention to bring your integrity up. To constantly be working on making sure that you live your word every day.

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