Don’t Nod Unless You Mean it




The workplace is filled with people who nod and pretend like they’re going to do something, who don’t really mean it. Don’t nod if you don’t mean it!

If someone asks you to do something, be COMMITTED to that. And if you don’t commit, please don’t nod. Because when you have that passive aggressive behavior, people stop trusting you and start to label you as someone who’s passive aggressive.

So, if you disagreed with something, renegotiate at the moment that the request is made with an alternative idea and suggest another way of doing it and see which is better. But once a commitment is made, then a commitment is made!

If you disagree, you must speak up! Because otherwise, the assumption is: You gave your word. And now there’s just one game to play: Live your word.

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  1. I heard once that women often nod to show they understand what the other person is saying and they are following along but that does not necessarily mean they agree. Culture plays a role and in Bulgaria yes and no nods are reversed. Just something to be mindful of and aware.

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