Love the One You Are With



Ah, there’s an old song, Love the One You’re With. Yeah, that’s a fun song, but there’s also a reality of that as well. I had a boss years ago that taught me something, and he said, “Always go out at the top of your game.” Love what you do and move on only when you’ve created such remarkable success that now you have to go to the next thing because you’ve so outgrown that particular piece. Love the one you’re with.

So, every job I ever had, there were lots of things that were wrong. Lots of people that were somewhat difficult to work around, lots of things that broke down, but I chose to love the one I was with, and it created opportunities.

How can you love the one you’re with? How can you love this job and be so good at it that it creates more opportunities that the only reason that you move on is because you are advancing to something that’s an even bigger possibility. Love the one you’re with.

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