The Twelve Golden Promises of a Kick-Butt Culture Change

Credit:  © Broker |

Credit:© Broker |

Looking to get your employees on board for a radical culture change? You can give them all the facts and figures in the world, but you won’t get the results you need until you secure some specific promises.

First let’s get each other on board. Raise your right hand and repeat after me:

1. I promise to have fun at work. I’ll take my work seriously but myself and the world around me lightly.

2. I promise to be unique, and make my uniqueness matter to the customer.

3. I promise not to tolerate backbiting from myself or others. I know that talking behind people’s backs creates an unsafe work environment and that conflict should be worked through daily and directly.

4. I promise not to whine, nor to tolerate whining from others.

5. I promise to ask better questions and to be a better listener.

6. I promise to systematize everything and keep improving each system.

7. I promise to state ALL things in the positive, saying what I DO want rather than what I don’t want.

8. I promise to be coachable. When people offer an opinion about how I can improve, I will not interrupt to tell them why they’re wrong.

9. I promise to celebrate successes wildly and often.

10. I promise not to accept mediocrity.

11. I promise to lavish praise at least five times a day because gratitude and appreciation are the drivers of productivity.

12. I promise to continually ask myself, “Am I making the highest and best use of my time?” I will identify the bottom 80 percent of my activities and replace them with new activities.

Okay. You may now lower your hand and proceed to kick some serious butt.

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