The Project Sandwich

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Thank God it’s Monday!™ The Project Sandwich—your job is no doubt filled with project requests. The problem is, in the project request sandwich, people often times forget the bread.

Think of it this way. There is the bottom slice, absolutely fundamental to every project. This is the requesting of what are the specifications of the project. How do you know what they are looking for? What’s the outcome? The deadline? What should the check in points be? What are the resources available?

If you don’t ask these questions and go right to the meat of the project, you are going to have a mess and it will take much longer.

For most projects that involve any amount of time, a check in with a “Am I on the right track?” question can save you a ton of wasted time as you flit along down the wrong path.

Then, there’s the top piece of bread and that is essential as well and often missed. This is the part where you bring it to the person who assigned it to you and ask, “I think this is complete. Did this meet the expectations or are their changes to be made before we put this baby to rest?”

Without that step, the project is in no way complete. Know that it is your job to make sure that you never forget the bread or you will exhaust yourself doing unnecessary steps and repeating work.

Make sure your project sandwich tastes good every time.

Have a great Monday!


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