How to Differentiate Yourself with USP’s – Video

How do you get people to spend more with you? With your USPs: Unique Selling Propositions. You must differentiate yourself from other companies by displaying and providing unique selling propositions. These don’t have to all be expensive, high-investment improvements, but can simply be an issue of what matters to your customers.

Domino’s pizza is a great example of USP. They knew that what really mattered to their customers was not eating pizza, but getting food fast. They came out with a 30 minute guarantee, which was a concept that set them apart from their competition. They demonstrated an important concept: You must create USPs that make your competition invisible.

There are three different elements that must happen in every USP:

  1. Start with what matters to the customers. If it doesn’t matter to the customer, don’t do it.
  2. Create a DRAMATIC difference. A bunch of little advantages can win a customer, but a huge, dramatic difference can keep them around.
  3. Have an overt benefit that’s so tangible, it just makes sense.

What are some USPs you have used that really worked? Why did they work so well?  Post your comments below.

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