Coach Up

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Thank God it’s Monday!™ Your discovery is right… your boss is NOT perfect. Not by any stretch of the imagination. So, that leaves you with two choices. You can spend your days complaining to others about the imperfections of your boss, but you must then expect the outcome: you’ll never be promoted to a management position because of your cruel way of handling your boss, or worse, you’ll be made a boss and you’ll have six people knocking you down all day every day. You’ve heard of Karma haven’t you?

Well, if you can’t complain, what do you do? You coach up. That’s right. You ask your boss for what you need. You follow a simple 4-step process that goes like this.

When you allow Tommy to keep coming in late, what happens next to the others in your department?
They start coming in late and pretty soon customers have to wait for service. My request is that when people don’t come in on time, you disallow this act immediately. Do I have your commitment?

What did you just do? You just asked your boss and said, when you create this observable behavior the outcome is this. My simple request is this. And do I have your commitment?

Now… doesn’t that feel better to know you can manage your boss? The good news is it will feel better for your boss as well. Rock on!

And yes, you get to choose the language every day.

Have a great Monday!


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