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Thank God it’s Monday!® Bosses do not like surprises. That’s one of the many reasons you should over-communicate with your boss whenever possible.

At the beginning of a project or initiative, get clear directions about the results and processes that he or she expects. Then as you work, report frequently on where you are in the process, what your struggles are and what you’re doing to overcome them. Never leave out the bad news—your struggles, your roadblocks; a manager who only hears ‘happy-happy, joy-joy’ will quickly turn suspicious and out comes the snoopy nose.

A boss I had in my twenties used to say, “Tell me the good news, tell me the bad news, but don’t ever surprise me.” I didn’t—and as a result—he never micromanaged my work. Daily and weekly reporting about where you are compared to your work plan will earn trust and everybody will be happy.

Have a great Monday!


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