Stop Quitting a Project Without Finishing It

When have you REALLY finished a project? When you KNOW the conditions of the project are completely satisfied.

All projects are like a sandwich, and the conditions of satisfaction are the bread. Before you even start the project, get the conditions of satisfaction from your boss—as much detail as possible about when it needs to be done, what the components are, and what things need to be included in the final project for it to be a success.

This is the first slice of bread.

Next is the meat: the actual project.

The final slice of bread is returning to your boss to confirm that the conditions of satisfaction were actually met.

Too often someone works on a project until he thinks it’s finished, then dives straight into the next one. This creates a big mess when it turns out the project didn’t hit the target. It’s like eating a barbecued pork sandwich without bread on one side. (I don’t recommend it.)

So next time you find yourself taking that deep, happy breath at the END of a project, STOP! Make sure you have the last piece of bread. Go to your boss and explain that you THINK you finished, but you want to be sure that every condition of the project was fulfilled.

Only then is the project closed, and it’s time to start making your next sandwich.

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