Choose workplace heaven over workplace hell

Think of the employee from heaven. You know the one. It’s the person you love to see in the morning, the one you love to work with. If everyone was like that, you just know that everyone would get raises and promotions. The place would simply hum with happy and productive life.

Thinking back through my own career, I can name a dozen of these workplace angels. Just seeing them each morning made me feel that the day was going to be a great one.

Now think of the employee from hell—the one who makes you makes your teeth clench in the morning, the one you can’t trust. The chaos creator. Again, you know the one. And again, I can immediately conjure the names and faces of these demons from my own past.

But here’s the thing: Not all of these people were always angels or demons, always spreading joy or always spreading pain. Every moment of every day, we each make a decision to be one or the other. Sure, some days you may have a perfectly good excuse to be a demon. We all have those days. But even when life isn’t perfect, being the employee from hell has a terrible effect on those around you.

Venting your anger or frustration on someone else might relieve a little pressure in your own head in that moment, but the imprint it leaves on the other person can be long lasting. It’s just not worth it.

You have the power over how you respond to your circumstances. It’s a daily choice. Choose well!

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