Appreciate Up

It may not occur to you, if you haven’t been a manager or a leader, that the carpet outside the door isn’t usually worn out from people coming in and thanking that manager or leader for what they do and for having the backs of the people that report to them.

Here’s an opportunity.

What if you make a regular pattern of thanking your team lead for what they do, having your back, teaching you things, and being there for you? Because they’re working hard to make sure every team member wins—they’d like to hear that too.

Decide today to stop on by! Thank your team lead, and maybe create a regular pattern of doing it as well.

One Response to “Appreciate Up”

  1. I just love your content, our leader is a great example of someone who deserves his carpet to be worn out by praise and words of gratitude. The diligence with which he leads us to greater / higher performance standards is to be commended. ( I will make sure to share that with him on our Monday 1:1).

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