Don’t buy into the “ain’t it awful” story…


Everything you hear could be true. Your competition is desperate and poaching your clients, there’s no end in sight to inflation, and turnover could be high.

These, and other measurements, are feedback that an organization isn’t doing what it should be doing to overcome the “events” from the economy or competitors.

For many, this information is the confirmation that the sky is falling and they’re hoarding hard hats. The problem is that it’s hard to restart the engines and fly when you’re dragging extra hardhats.

Understand that even during the darkest times, many organizations do well, and you intend to be one of those.

You’ll need to shift out of a doomsday story and into one of possibilities. When people say, “We can’t because,” the broken record response needs to be, “Well, how CAN we?” With enough repetition, people will soon come to understand that results can be achieved no matter what the circumstances.

Fortunes are made during challenging times.

Preeminent companies that out service, outsell, out differentiate, and out execute adding extreme values to customers pull ahead and thrive during down markets and challenging time.

Decide that recessions and limitations are for the other guys. It is your response to challenging times that will determine your destiny. This IS your time.

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