Be the Miracle…


There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other as though everything is a miracle.

—Albert Einstein

The invention of the television—a miracle.  Man walking on the moon—a miracle. Instantaneous across-the-world-video communication—a miracle.

As every one of these ideas was pondered, there were many who said, “That can’t be done.” And yet each one happened.  And remember that each day, thousands of other miracles happen. Wonderful stuff. Amazing stuff. Stuff that often doesn’t make the daily news feeds … but they are miracles nonetheless.

Whether it’s putting a man on the moon, meeting an “impossible” deadline, or exceeding a stretch sales goal against all odds, we thrive when we commit to create our own miracles. Working toward our own miracles stretches us in every way to be more than we have been in the past. And to pull it off, we can never shrink back to our limited thinking and execution again.

We now own a higher level of power.

What if you lived as if it was your responsibility to create miracles?

Besides, who wants to go to work and shoot for … mediocrity?

“I’ll meet you in the middle.”  “Let’s reach for the middle.”  “It’s lonely at the middle.”  None of those even sound good.

There is a gnawing in our souls to be a part of something great.  Great philosophers write about the desire to be great.

We are all called to make an impact.  To shake things up. To make the world a better place because we lived.

And then the rational mind interferes. You can find 100 people who will tell you something is impossible for every one who thinks it can be done. 

And those 100 are absolutely right, as far as their own horizons are concerned, because, at their level of understanding of how life works, it is impossible. 

Possibility thinking is available to all of us. But it’s only used by a few.  The ego preserves a feeling of safety by refusing to stretch our understanding of what is possible. But safety is an illusion. From our health to our money to our relationships, everything can change in an instant, no matter how safe it feels right now. History books are filled with examples.

So, let’s get over the illusion of safety. It’s not real. If you think it is, you’re diagonally parked in a parallel universe. 

The only thing that is real is that you are here, in this time and place, and you have this moment to dream big and live life to the max. 

So, why not dream about miracles?  Decide to create them. Plan on making them happen. Don’t contaminate your energy or your dream by listening to those who will tell you it can’t be done.  They haven’t yet learned this secret—that miracles are given to those who choose them.

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