Did You Make Your Boss a Micromanager?


Micromanagers are oftentimes made as opposed to just their way of being. The reason that we make a manager a micromanager is because we don’t inform them where we are on our projects. We don’t get the conditions of satisfaction that we need before we take on a project.

We don’t let them know where we’re at with each client that we’re talking to – what the result is, what kind of outcomes we’re having, the stalls that we’re having, and the challenges that we’re having.

Without information, managers, who are responsible to their managers, of course, need to have questions answered. So sometimes micromanagers are made.

Start today by informing your manager to create great visibility of where you are with every project that you’re working on so they never have to ask another question. You’ll be happier, they’ll be happier, and all the right work will be done.

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