How to avoid re-work

It’s amazing how much rework happens in America today. You see, someone will ask for something to be done and that person will go, “Okay,” and they’ll go off to do something. What they didn’t do is say, “Okay what are the conditions of satisfaction? When does this need to be done? How has this been done in the past? Are there any procedures written? How can I optimize this? What’s “over the moon” results for this particular project?”

When good questions are asked, then good results can happen. Also, as soon as that project is complete, it’s not truly complete until you go back to the person who asked you to do it and say, “Did this meet the conditions of satisfaction?” You see by making sure that you get the conditions of satisfaction and making sure that you met the conditions of satisfaction, you create great results with very little rework and are much more time efficient.

Now as much as we love to work, it’s also nice to go home and be around our significant others and our families. And we do that best when we do things right the first time.

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