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The No Whining Zone

It’s never very attractive when adults whine and complain, is it? Whenever we see somebody else doing it, it just doesn’t feel like something that we want to be around. Yet it’s easy for all of us to go there, right? It’s always easy to point out what’s wrong and “somebody should do something.” Well, there’s nobody with a name tag that says “somebody.”

What do you do when something needs to be done? Follow this formula. Make a request specifically about what you’re looking for and ask for a commitment. Wouldn’t that be interesting? That is the alternative to whining.

Whining just keeps you stuck but making a request and asking for a commitment allows for the situation to have a breakthrough. It’s a way that we show our emotional maturity, and kindness.

If you’re a whiner, forgive yourself for everything from the past—now you know better. Every time you feel like whining, stop it. Instead, next time you feel like whining, simply replace it with a request, and ask for a commitment.

Linking the Chain: Team Accountability Starts With You

Are you the kind of person who needs to “have” in order to “do”? Well, what does that mean? Well, there are people who basically will tell you many times, “I couldn’t do that thing because I didn’t have what I needed from someone else.” Well, welcome to planet Earth. People will let you down. It’s not an excuse for you not to produce the result. At that point, are you being resourceful? Are you finding out how to get to that person to get what you need? Are you setting up camp at their doorstep? Are you working around them, because you ultimately gave your word to go get something else done?

In life, you don’t always have what you need in order to do what you need to do. After this COVID crisis, we know that we’ll probably not see customers walk in our doors the way that they used to in the past. If we have a “need to have in order to do” personality and mindset, that’s going to be a real hold up to our career, because the reality is now we get to figure out a way to go call on people, add massive value, which means we get to figure out how to do that. We get to figure out the skills in order to be good at it when we do it, and we get to, not have to, but get to, be resourceful in making it happen. Give up the habit, in order to do, don’t ever say to your supervisor, “I didn’t get it done because of somebody else.” If they let you down, step in, get it done, move it along. Be a person of resourcefulness.

“Plus One” It

Whatever you’re doing, what if you did it plus one? In other words, if you’re writing a report, what if you made it even better, put a summary at the beginning, brought some color in, and made it really interesting?

What if, when you’re talking to a customer, you went above and beyond? You walk them to the car, and you make sure that you get to know them, and later send them a handwritten thank you note?

What if, every time you’re in a meeting, not only do you take great notes and disseminate the information about whose going to do what afterwards, but you also step up and help manage the projects that were assigned? Wouldn’t that be interesting? I wonder what that would do to your career.

Having an attitude of plus one puts you in a place where you’re always promotable. More importantly, when you come from a place of plus one, you get the intrinsic reward. The feeling of: “I’m good at what I do. I say what I’m going to do. I go beyond. I feel good about me.”

What can be better than feeling good about ourselves?

How to Get Promoted at Work

Is it time for you to have a better career opportunity? Great, then take the job you’re doing and build it out in such a way that if you’re not there next Thursday, then anybody else can step in and do it. In fact, if you’re not there for three weeks, anyone can step in and do what you’re doing. Because when you build out that job, suddenly people start looking at you and thinking: “I wonder if you can do that for other jobs?” You become instantly promotable.

It makes you far more attractive, because it forces you to think through “what’s the best way to do everything that I do?” It’s also a way of making sure your team is always taken care of.

So, build out that job. Make sure you have good operating procedures. Make sure they’re close to your desk so that anybody can step in and find them. Make sure that your manager knows that you’re doing exactly that, and they will be thrilled. You never know what’s possible for those that step in to make sure that anyone can do their job.

The Best Way to Feel Better About YOU

People often say to me: “I just don’t feel appreciated in my workplace.” Well, if that’s the feeling you have,  I have a solution, and that is for you to begin to appreciate. “Oh, but Roxanne, you don’t understand. You didn’t hear what I said. I’m not feeling appreciated.”

Jungian psychology has taught us that when you don’t feel appreciated, what that really means is that you have a disowned part of yourself projected onto another. It speaks to the work we need to do on ourselves.  So, the best way to feel more appreciated is to start by appreciating others.

By appreciating others, you’ll feel better about yourself, and I’ll bet this problem of not feeling appreciated will quickly fall away.